“I know not what course others may take;

but as for me…give me liberty or give me death.” – Patrick Henry


Anonymous1949 is an ageing Boomer, VietNam veteran and Libertarian.

He is a martini-drinking, cigar-smoking, anti-feminist and a shining example of political incorrectness.
He grew up in the USA – a formerly free country – and spent his formative Catholic years being slapped
by nuns, molested by priests and beaten by coaches who confused manliness with sadism.

His lifetime relationship with women includes 2 marriages, four years as an artistic nude
photographer, several vaguely-remember nights in brothels in the Philippines and Panama, and some
time as a BodyMind Therapist working with a psychiatrist in healing adult women who had been
sexually abused as children. Somewhere in between that he was an entrepreneur who managed to
make and lose $12 million.

Anonymous1949 currently lives in Panama with a fiery Brazilian woman who has been known to give
him a black eye when he gets out of line. He is a member of Putos con Puros – an exclusive
international club of juvenile retards – who meet every Saturday night in a secret place in Panama to
drink vodka, smoke cigars and generally behave like adolescents. They do not accept lawyers, politicians
or Skull and Bones members.

For those FemiNazis who wish to change him by heaping rage and invective upon his person: please
read the Old Testament. Men haven’t changed in 5000 years.